Funerals & bereavement

‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.’ Psalm 23:4

When we lose someone we love the last thing we want to think about is funeral arrangements. We need time to grieve and to remember.

At St Mary’s we aim to help you through this difficult time and can offer support and guidance as you try to come to terms with the departure of someone you have loved.

We will also help with the practicalities of a funeral and service and can recommend a number of funeral directors in the area. It will be the responsibility of the funeral director to take control of all necessary arrangements surrounding the funeral.

The funeral gives you the opportunity publicly to recognise the death of someone who is unique and irreplaceable – a person who, like all of us, has been made in the image and likeness of God.

The service aims to bring hope and light during this difficult time. Jesus Christ himself is the resurrection and life and, as we embrace him in faith, he becomes our resurrection in life and will unfailingly bear us through our grief.

We will celebrate the life of your loved one and commemorate the departed to God, reminding ourselves that the final significance, purpose, usefulness and blessing of our lives rest with God.

If you would like to discuss funeral service arrangements please contact the Church Office (01923 721002).

Bereavement support

We can offer you support as you try to cope with the death of someone you loved.

When someone we loves dies, we are left with a deep sense of loss; a void that takes time to fill. We experience a variety of emotions and feelings, sometimes with a physical expression. Crying, waves of sobbing, lostness, denial, loneliness, searching for the loved one, anxiety, anger, guilt, apathy and depression are some of these.

Life is never the same again but our wound can heal. Grieving is a process that often takes a year or more. This church cares deeply about you in your grief.

  • There is a Pastoral Support Team

    • a visitor will call on you at your request

  • Each November we hold a service in which those who have died are remembered and you can light a candle to remember your loved one

    • we are happy to send you an invitation

  • There is a Prayer Board in church on which you can put the name of your loved one and yourself

    • names are remembered in our prayers during the week

Year's Mind

This is when we remember those who have died, usually around the time of the anniversary of their death. It is an opportunity to remember, in love and prayer, those who have died.

If you wish someone to be included in the list for the coming year, please contact the Church Office giving

  • your name
  • the name of the person to be remembered
  • the date on which you would like them to be remembered

Those who lead our prayers will include the person on the appropriate Sunday closest to the date you have given.

A new list will be compiled each year.

At St Mary's we aim to help you through the difficult times that follow the death of someone you have loved

A prayer for you to use

Gracious God, your love holds in its embrace your children in this world and the next.

Neither life nor death can separate those who trust in you.

Unite us to yourself, together with [Name], that, in our fellowship with you, we may be one with those we love.

Give us courage, constancy and hope to trust this, through Jesus Christ, who died and rose again for us.

We thank you, Father, that our loved ones who have gone from our sight are in your keeping. Help us to leave them there in perfect trust, because you love them and us with infinite love.

Grant that we may learn to know you better so that we may meet them again in your presence, through faith in him who loved us and gave himself for us, Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

O God of infinite compassion, look in love and pity on those in sorrow. Be their support, their strength and their shield; that they may trust in you and be delivered out of their distress. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

May the peace of the Lord, which passes all understanding, be with you and those whom you love, now and through all eternity. Amen.



Last updated: January 4, 2015


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