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A team of volunteers help to ease some of the daily burdens for people in need of help and support.

As the name suggests, CARE is a good neighbour scheme which sets out to care for others. Volunteers might give lifts to people with mobility problems, carry out their grocery shopping or simply drop in for a chat.


Jenny Woods
CARE representative
01923 447417

01923 773311

St Mary's Church of England School

Our church maintains close links with St Mary’s Church of England Primary School which is located a couple of streets away in Stockers Farm Road.

The school holds regular services at the beginning and end of each term, as well as for special occasions.

Members of the church also regularly help out at the school including running J Club each week.


01923 776529


St Mary's School


There's a lot happening in the local area with which St Mary's is involved



Last updated: February 8, 2017


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