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Altar servers
The altar servers lead the choir and clergy into the church with the cross and candles. They receive the bread and wine and help prepare it for communion. They then direct members of the congregation up to the front of the church to receive communion or a blessing. New altar servers are welcomed.

Sue & Chris Hillier
01923 779580


The Tower Ringers meet for practice every Wednesday from 7.30-9.15pm. Our bellringers ring the bells from 9.15am to 10am and 5.15 to 6pm on Sundays to call parishioners to worship.

The St Mary’s group is part of the Watford District of the Hertfordshire County Association of Bellringers.

If you’re aged 12 or over then you might like to consider joining the bellringers.

[We also have an active group of Handbell ringers who always welcome new friends to join them.]


David Hibbert
Tower Captain

01923 773735


Adults and children are invited to join our church choir. The choir meets every Thursday in the church at 7.45pm.

The choir performs in the church every Sunday at the 10.00am service. They also sing at carol services, weddings and are often invited to perform carols at various venues in the area.

If you enjoy singing and would like to join the choir, please get in touch.

Please note that children must be able to read fluently if they wish to join in but newcomers don’t need to be able to read music.


Andrew Sykes
01923 718561
07943 601717


This is another word for 'prayers'. For the Parish Communion services, these are usually led by members of the congregation who write their own prayers using some general guidance notes and following a general pattern.

Download Intercessions by Season Download Intercessions by Season

Click here for more information about prayer.



Lesson readers

Volunteers read the lessons (Bible readings) during our services.

We actively welcome new readers so please get in touch if this is something you'd like to do. There is a microphone on the lectern but please note that you will still have to speak a little more loudly than your normal speaking voice.

Guidelines for lesson readers Here are some guidelines on how to introduce readings.


June Poppleton
01923 773388

Sidespeople & Welcomers

The sidespeople meet new people and greet the congregation as they arrive in church and hand out and collect in the hymn books used during services. They also hand the collection plates around the congregation.


David Hibbert
01923 773735

At the Sunday 10.00am service, the sidespeople are supported by Welcomers who greet people as they arrive, particularly keeping an eye out for new people to make sure they receive an appropriate welcome and are made to feel at home. Telephone

David Carruthers
07831 387541


Our choir sings at principal services and welcomes new members




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