'Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.’ The Lord’s Prayer

We believe that prayer is a force for good that God has placed in our hands. Prayer is therefore an important Christian responsibility.

  • Praying is about:

    • being with God,

    • talking to God and

    • listening to God

  • You can pray:

    • any time,

    • any place,

    • anywhere

but at St Mary’s we believe you should set aside time to be with God.

Find a quiet place, sit or kneel and ask God to help you still your thoughts and mind. Remember, God is always with you. He loves you. He wants to help you.

The church is open during the day for prayer. Feel free to light a candle or pray, using some of the prayers that can be found in the pews.

There is also a Prayer Board by the Lady Chapel where you can request prayers for those in need.

There is no greater blessing than a friend who's there when good times aren't.

Members of the congregation take it in turns to lead the prayers at our Parish Communion services. Here are some notes which may help you.

We use different forms for prayers according to the time of year. [Download Intercessions by Season Download]

Each week at St Mary’s we pray for:

  • the work of one of the charities we support

  • our School

  • a church in our Deanery

  • a church in our Circuit

  • for those who live in a road in the parish of St Mary’s

  • groups and individuals who contribute to the life of St Mary's

On the second Tuesday of each month, we hold Exploring Prayer at the Vicarage. This provides a place for prayer through different channels including silence, readings, music, art and a space to 'be'.

Prayers for Today [links to the Church of England website]

Intercessions list: We are always very glad to receive the names of those for whom particular prayers are needed. The list is monitored closely so that those who need continued prayers remain on the list as long as is felt necessary by family and friends, as well as the individual themselves.

The names of those who are 'doing well' or who have recovered are removed when the request is made to do so. If you would like people included on the list please speak to Deborah.

Lord, I thank you:

For being with me, even when I am not aware of you. Thank you for the beauty of this world, for the kindness of so many people, for those who love me and for those I love. Help me to love as your son Jesus Christ loved.

Lord, I am sorry:

For not loving you and others as I should; for being thoughtless, unkind, selfish, for not forgiving others, for not accepting forgiveness from others. Thank you for your promise of forgiveness to those who ask for it and those who are sorry for having done wrong and want to turn their backs on it.

Lord, I have concerns:

About myself…, for others… Help me to trust your love and help to listen to you. Grant me peace of mind and guide my thoughts and actions, now and always.

Lord, I will pray for:

Our world…, my family…, my friends…, my neighbours…, those I don’t get on with…, those I dislike…, those who are sick and those who are troubled. Bless them, Lord, and show me where I can help.

Lord, thank you:

For listening.

Lord, thank you:

For loving me.

Lord, thank you:

For strengthening me.



A prayer for the people of St Mary's



Last updated: January 4, 2016


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