Giving at St Mary's: time, talents, treasure


As members of St Mary’s it is our duty to care for our church and ensure its continuation.

It costs a good deal just to maintain the church building, as well as pay for the day-to-day running of St Mary’s. Our current expenditure is approximately £450 each day.

The money to run St Mary’s primarily comes from the members of the congregation. We are members of the Parish Giving Scheme which enables people to make regular donations by Direct Debit.

Regular pledges enable us to budget and plan effectively although members of the congregation are under no obligation to make a regular commitment if this is not appropriate for them.

Offertory collections are taken at most Sunday services. UK taxpayers can increase their contribution by using the special Gift Aid envelopes which are in each pew.

For more information about how you can support St Mary's financially, please contact David Gilbert (01923 332572). All enquiries are kept strictly confidential.

Time and talents

Giving is not just about money. The time we can give to supporting St Mary's, and the talents that we bring are just as important.

All members of the congregation are encouraged to help with aspects of the running of church, from flower arranging to serving coffee after services, singing in the choir to serving on the Church Council.

Frequent requests for help appear in our weekly pew sheet and monthly magazine and you are warmly invited to consider how you might respond to these.


Approximately 20% of all income which we receive is donated to charities and special projects both in the UK and overseas.

Each year the Parish Giving Committee examines applications from many different charities and nominations from members of the congregation. It then apportions the available funds. A list of these and the projects we supported last year is on the Parish Giving Board by the north door.

> Download our Charitable Giving Policy



St Mary’s has played a central role in the life of Rickmansworth for hundreds of years. One way in which you can help St Mary’s to continue to play this role is to leave a gift (sometimes called a bequest or legacy) in your Will.

If and when the time is right for you, and after you have provided for your family and friends, please consider this option of supporting St Mary’s and its future.

A legacy does not have to be a large amount – every little helps in maintaining the ministry of St Mary’s and the beautiful building in which we worship.

We recommend consulting a solicitor when you are writing your Will.

If you already have a Will, a simple and inexpensive way of including a legacy to St Mary's is to add a codicil. This is a supplementary instruction in addition to the contents of your existing Will; it is not a new Will. A draft codicil can be downloaded here.


Parish Giving Scheme





Parish Giving Scheme
Church House
College Green
01452 835595


Please be tax efficient

Gift Aid enables us to maximise the donations made to us by UK taxpayersIf you are a UK taxpayer, any donation you make to St Mary's can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme, providing you are paying more in tax than we will reclaim.

You can make a single 'in perpetuity' declaration to cover all donations.

Download Gift Aid declaration form Download Gift Aid declaration

Please contact the Church Giving Advisor for more information.


Supporting St Mary's



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