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Data protection

We commit to processing all personal data collected by us in accordance with applicable Data Protection laws for the purpose of our ministry in the community and administering our Local Ecumenical Partnership between the Church of England and The Methodist Church.


We are committed to ensuring that all those who come into contact with our Church have a safe and positive experience.

St Mary's Safeguarding policy Download our Safeguarding policy

St Mary's Safeguarding policy Download our Domestic Abuse policy

If you have a concern about any aspect of activities at St Mary's with respect to children, young people or vulnerable adults, please speak with our Safeguarding Officers:

Helen Swain and Mary Weatherilt (07593 532567)

Removing barriers

At St Mary's we welcome and support the principles of the report 'Removing Barriers', designed to enable those with access needs (physical needs and learning needs) to worship God in fellowship with other members of the community.

Download our Removing barriers policy Download our policy



Last updated: October 11, 2017


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