Mission Action Planning (MAP)

A MAP is a prayerful process of looking, listening and reflection leading into planning and prioritising. As part of the process, we seek, with the Spirit's guidance, to discern both a vision and a course of action.

We first put together our MAP for St Mary's in 2012, holding a series of workshops at which parishioners were able to discuss what we do and what else we might do as a church. Each year, the United Church Council reviews the MAP and our priorities for the forthcoming twelve months.

Our vision

  1. To be a spiritual, prayerful and dynamic church;
  2. To be a welcoming, inclusive and joyful church;
  3. To be a church serving the whole community.

Our priorities

We based our priorities and goals on the Diocese of St Albans initiative 'Living God's Love' which has three strands:

  1. Going deeper into God: Develop a series of initiatives to assist our church to strengthen and deepen the faith and understanding of our congregation.
  2. Transforming communities: More actively support our neighbours, particularly the elderly and those with young families.
  3. Making new disciples:Offer events and activities to help attract and support newcomers.

Our goals for 2015/16

  1. To continue to improve the welcome we offer to everyone and specifically in 2015/16 focus on:

    (a) tweaking the way the welcoming team works;

    (b) installing a new north door and

    (c) reviewing accessibility for people with disabilities.

  2. To review the success of the programme of activities and offered in 2014 and 2015 prior to producing a calendar of eventsfor 2016

  3. Continue and, where possible, increase the church’s involvement and visibility in the community including St Mary’s School and specifically in 2015/16 to:

    (a) once again celebrate the work of St Mary’s people in the community during Volunteering Week and

    (b) introduce a regular article in Link featuring the work St Mary’s people undertake in the community.

Our strapline

“Serving the whole community”


Mission Action Planning at St Mary's

Gill Gowing wrote articles for our church magazine to explain the process:

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We review our progress each year:

Review 2014-15

Review 2013-14

Review 2012-13



Last updated: January 19, 2017


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