Resources for parishioners

If you're creating posters or other material for St Mary's activities, you'll need a copy of our logo and other resources. You can download these from here.

The logos are available in zip files in different formats:

  • .jpg files are the ones you'll use most often.
  • .png files are best if you want to display the logo on a coloured background as you won't get a white box around it
  • .eps is the highest quality for professional print (but doesn't work so well in Microsoft software)

If you need to resize any of the logos, please make sure you resize in proportion so that they don't get distorted. If you don't know how to do this, please ask.

The fonts we have used are: Barbedor Bold, Barbedor Medium and Segoe Print.

The shade of blue we use is made up of the following: R: 0; G: 56; B: 131

Where the cross of the logo is shown as a tint, the percentage is 40% of the main colour.

Logo - black Logo with typography - black
Logo - greyscale Logo with typography - greyscale
Logo - colour Logo with typography - colour


Other useful resources include logos for:

Church of England logos

Methodist Church logos





Last updated: April 3, 2014


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