Thy Kingdom Come: Ascension Day (30 May) - Pentecost (9 June)

St Mary's will be participating this ecumenical and international initiative of praying for the Holy Spirit which runs from Ascension Day (30 May) to the Day of Pentecost (9 June). During the week there is much with which you can be involved.

Nine days of prayer (Novena): A booklet from the Thy Kingdom Come team will be available. For each of the nine days there is a Bible passage, reflection and prompts for prayer. Everyone is encouraged to take a booklet and join in each day – in your own time, wherever you are.

Five @ 5: One of the motivations underpinning this whole event is to pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire people to come to faith. Through a #Pledge2Pray, we are all encouraged to pray each day at 5.00pm for five people we know who we would like to come to know Jesus Christ more fully in their lives, whether as a new relationship, or one that is being re-kindled. If you want to pray for five people that would be great, if you only know one or two, then that is fine too. In the weeks before Ascension Day, we'll be making a wall of fire (mini-flames) with the names of everyone being prayed for and asking God to send the Holy Spirit into their lives.

Icthus Trail: An opportunity to get out and about to look for the 20 fish that will be put out on 'fishing lines' around the town. On each fish will be the name of a particular group of people within our community who we would like to bring before God in prayer. If you'd like to be involved in creating the fish, come and join our workshop on Sunday 19 May at 3.30pm. Once they are up (and we shall need help for this task too), get your walking shoes and binoculars out to see what you can find!

Prayer stations in church: Linked to the Lord's Prayer, there will be activities in church to encourage people to explore different ways of praying. Everyone is welcome to come in, so do share the information with friends and family – as well as coming along yourself.

Pentecost Picnic Lunch: We will celebrate the great day with a picnic. If you fancy wearing something red, please do! In the evening there will be a minibus to take people to the Beacon Celebration Service at St Albans.

Please begin praying now for all the events and for everyone who will be involved – in planning, in executing, in preparing, in praying, in being prayed for - in Rickmansworth and across the world!

Remember, we're praying for the Holy Spirit to come. Amen!

Thy Kingdom Come: Ascension Day to Pentecost 2017

An ecumenical and international initiative from Ascension Day (30 May 2019) to the Day of Pentecost (9 June 2019)

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Last updated: April 15, 2019


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